• Audio Visual

      Engineering PLUS provides a wide range of audio and visual specification and design. Our Certified Technology Specialist(s) (CTS) are recognized for their vast knowledge of audio, video, display and systems. We develop and deliver out-of-the-box soundproof solutions that raise the bar in our industry.

    • Commissioning

      Engineering PLUS understands that no project is complete until it is tested in its "live" environment. From the day we start your project, our focus is on 100% satisfaction upon project completion.

    • DAS

      Engineering PLUS provides survey and design of antenna locations to solicit cell phone carrier DAS equipment.

    • Hotel Technology

      Engineering PLUS offers an array of hotel technology solutions that will enhance your property's status. Treat yourself and your guests to the luxury of the latest emerging technologies in the hospitality industry.

    • Network Cabling Infrastructure

      Engineering PLUS is proud to be a corporate member of the Building Industry Consultant Services International (BICSI). Our Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) are highly qualified and proficient in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications and data communications transport systems and related infrastructure systems.

    • Physical Security

      It is critical to have the right security to protect your facilities' future. Engineering PLUS provides a full range of physical security systems specifications and designs to meet your company's needs.

    220221.com ... "Whatever it takes"

    Engineering PLUS has a unique combination of engineers and technicians that create a knowledgeable team of consultants in the technology engineering industry. We strive to provide our clients with the most up-to-date engineering design concepts with practical and cost-effective know-how. Because of our hands-on approach, we provide quality, detailed documents that contractors can read, understand and build without infield redesign.



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